Time and attendance.

Works seamlessly with your employee schedules.
Save costs due to lateness and absence.

Turn any device into a Time Clock terminal.

Forget expensive hardware, you can use any device you own as a Time Clock terminal. Time Clock knows your staff's schedules and will display a list of people with upcoming shifts to make clocking in really fast. It even shows the shift note if there is one.

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Time Sheets

Time Sheets neatly presents clock in, clock out and break information for each staff. It lets you easily spot issues, such as late arrival, overtime or missed shift. You can verify, add missing data, and edit, all in one seamless flow.

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Export to your payroll service of choice.

If you use Time Clock, all you need to do for payroll is to approve the time sheets, and send the files to your payroll service. We will take care of generating payroll files in the correct format.

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Setting up everything takes only a few minutes.

  • Create an account in seconds. No credit card required.

  • Set preferences and customize your experience.

  • Invite your employees, start scheduling right away.

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