Grant a Time Off

  1. Navigate to Employees
  2. Select the employee
  3. Click Set availabilities or grant time off in the bottom of the edit panel
  4. Click Add Time Off
  5. Enter the start time in text. For example, "sept 9 4am", "september 10", "next tuesday" will all work
  6. Enter the end time in text
  7. Click Add a Time Off
  8. Click Done

Approve or Reject a Time Off Request

  1. A notification in the Notification drop down will appear for the time off request. Click on it, or navigate to Dashboard
  2. Click Approve or Reject next to the request to finalize your decision

Revoking an Existing Time Off

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Locate the time off you wish to revoke
  3. Click Revoke