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Adding staff

  1. Navigate to Employees
  2. Click Add Staff
  3. Fill necessary information, including the staff's email address and position
  4. Click Save
  5. Fill in Weekly Availability for the staff


Add an employee by entering their First and Last name. By providing your employees' email addresses, an invitation to activate their employee account will be sent. This allows them to view and receive their most up-to-date schedule, add or modify their weekly availability, and to request changes to their schedule. You can still schedule your employees if they do not have an email address, but they will no longer receive instant schedule updates.

For the best experience, each employee should be tagged with their eligible Positions, and their Weekly Availability should be entered. The Scheduler uses these information to guide you create a conflict-free schedule.

Additionally, you can set any employee as a manager by changing the Account Type. They will make them gain access to the Manager app.

You may also enter the Weekly Hours and Hourly Wage for employees. The Scheduler uses these information to alert you any overtime and helps you control your budget.