Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Getting Started

How do I invite my employees so they can receive their schedules?

Learn more about adding employees.

Can I use my mobile devices to create schedules?

Currently the Scheduler only supports the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 9 and up on Windows and OS X.

How to change the start day of a week?

Navigate to Company, then change the Start week day setting to the desired day of week.

Comment modifier la langue d'affichage de l'application?

Cliquez sur Company. Sous User settings, choisissez une langue, puis cliquez sur Save.


How do I create a schedule?

Learn more about creating schedules.

Why are my employees receiving multiple schedule emails?

If you publish a single day, your employees receive an email with shifts only for that day. It is recommended to complete schedule for a week, then select Publish entire week at once to send the whole schedule to your employees once.

My shifts are colored in red, can I still publish the schedule?

Shifts are colored red if someone is either unavailable, does not have the right position, or is scheduled at the same time. You can still publish the schedule, but make sure to review and resolve any unintended issues before publishing.


My employee has requested a time off, how do I change it?

You can reject their request in Dashboard, and then grant a time off with the correct dates or have the employee make a new request.

Staff Management

How to I convert someone to a manager?

Learn more about assigning managers.

I made someone a manager, but they still cannot access the Scheduler?

When an account is upgraded, the account user will need to sign out then sign in again.

I'm trying to add an email to an employee but it says the email is already in use?

The email might be associated to another company. Please contact us to resolve this issue.