The Advantages of Cloud-Based Technology

More and more companies are switching from paper-based to cloud-based technologies. As has been proven over and again, the ease and convenience of cloud technologies can quickly override any costs associated with switching. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should consider transferring your business operations into the cloud:


In order to access cloud-based software, all you need is a device that supports Wi-Fi. Anyone with a smartphone, laptop or tablet can then access the software from virtually anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal. The ease of use, portability and expansive reach of cloud technologies allow you to work from home, a hotel room or even a lawn chair on the beach. As long as you’re connected to the cloud, you can access vital information on a web browser with a couple of clicks of a mouse.


Not only can you access cloud-based applications anytime, anywhere, but once you convert to cloud technology, you’ll quickly realize pretty much all of your operations can become wireless. Once you’ve made the switch to complete cloud-based operations, your life will become infinitely less complicated. Web-based technologies can typically sync to other web- based technologies so that all of your employee timesheets (for example) can painlessly sync with payroll. No more recording the same information 100 times for the same purpose. Everything can be effortless, simple, and synchronized to one central location.

Environmental Impact (or lack thereof)

Needless to say, making the switch to the cloud will relieve you of mountains of paperwork you may have previously used in your operations. You’d be shocked by the environmental impact an average office makes just through printing memos and bulletins, without even factoring in printed reports and assessments. And the world will look more favourably upon your business once they know you’ve gone green.


Another benefit of cloud-based software is the security it offers. You can’t accidentally misplace a document floating in the cloud (or at least it would be exceedingly difficult). Your confidential documents and information can also be safely stored where only authorized personnel have access to it, therefore eliminating any accidental discoveries by unconcerned parties.


Going wireless can really spike a business’ productivity. All of the mundane tasks associated with everyday business operations can quickly be converged into one software program that is often able to automatically accomplish things that would have otherwise taken up human labour time, such as tallying commission or work hours. It can also promote employee collaboration by facilitating outside-of-office communication. Working over the cloud can instantaneously give employees updates or feedback on work being done both by themselves and by others they are in collaboration with.