3 Ways That Apartment 200 Owns the "House Party" Vibe

Once upon a time, St. Laurent Street used to be the place to be on any given weekend night in Montreal. But alas, times had changed, and Montreal nightlife had gotten too overrated and overpopulated with under-agers or out-of-towners. Just when we were all about to give up hope on finding any place worthwhile to go on St. Laurent Street and admit Montreal nightlife had become second-tier, we were mellowed by a breath of innovation in the air. Seemingly out of nowhere and overnight, Suwu and then Apartment 200, one after another, popped up on the scene. And any good Montrealer knows how that changed the game. But for those of us not lucky enough to have been born and raised in the cultural hub of Montreal, or who have recently been living in social isolation, I’ll give you a little breakdown of just why Apartment 200 and Suwu may be the best things to have happened to Montreal nightlife ever.

So how does Apartment 200 leverage the house party feel to make one of the most optimal spots in downtown Montreal? I’ll tell you exactly how.

1. Entertainment

Catering to the ADHD generation that sometimes needs a little bit more than hip music and a dance floor to capture its attention, Apartment 200 offers various entertainment options to interest any client. So you want to drink a beer and play some PacMan? No problem. At Apartment 200, you can do that (and do it for free on Sundays, minus the cost of the beer). So take a typical house party with a television screen and couch, add a fully-stocked and basically unlimited bar, a dance floor and a bunch of arcade games and figure out for yourself why Apartment 200 has been the best thing to happen to the young adult generation of Montreal.

2. Snacks

One of the benefits of an intimate house party is that you can literally just open the fridge and grab a bite to eat when you’re getting hungry. But what if a club or lounge started offering food? And a kitchen table to eat it at? That’s what Apartment 200 is doing, banking on the almost certain food cravings that ever club-goer experiences a couple of hours into the night. Not only does a snack bar stop clients from leaving the club to find food sources externally, but it also prevents the club-goers with every intention of returning to the club after getting some food from changing their minds and retiring early once they’re operating on a full stomach, thus preventing premature business loss.

3. Lounge Spots

While most clubs have trendy little couch booths (albeit mostly in the "VIP" section) where you can lounge comfortably and just enjoy the overall ambience of the place, Apartment 200 takes a different route to comfort.

Do you want a booth couch, or an actual couch, like one right out of your best friend’s basement (except a little longer)? How about a bed semi-detached from the rest of the place, where you can jump around, roll around, or hang out with friends in the middle of the action? Sounds a little crazy, right? But Apartment 200 has exactly that. Adding to its "fully-functional apartment" feel, Apartment 200 literally provides you with any and every comfort from home you can think of in the form of a nightclub.

Add to all of this a cozy, trendy, "homey", and overall extremely cool ambience, a fair amount of people, a seemingly unlimited supply of all of your favourite drinks and all of the other typical benefits a lounge offers and you’ll understand why Apartment 200 is the place to be on almost any given night of the week in Montreal.