4 Excellent Reasons to Switch from Paper to a Software

No one likes unnecessary paperwork… or just paperwork in general. With a software, scheduling can be fast and easy – and paper-free.

1. No more messy manual work

Working with and maintaining a traditional spreadsheet is a lot of unnecessary work and headache. Stacks of paper can be hard to handle, and god forbid, easily get lost. You could put the effort that goes into maintaining this toward building a better, more flexible schedule by using a software. Not only that, but a beautiful software interface is also just so much easier (and pleasing!) to read.

2. Making it easier to share

Passing around the schedule is much easier with a software, especially one that has a built-in sharing mechanism. Everyone will be able to access a real-time synchronized update of the shifts right on their mobile devices or computer. This means that it will help eliminate the need for frantically calling someone for replacement last-minute!

3. Ability to adjust things easily

From the employees’ perspective, it’s quite magical to imagine being able to change their availabilities in the comfort of their home on their laptop and have that change be emailed or texted to their managers — you get to save the time that you would’ve spent flipping through a spreadsheet, changing the information, and sending the new spreadsheet to your manager and coworkers. You could even request some time off and your manager will be able to approve your request, all without an (awkward) face-to-face interaction.

4. Saving trees!

We all want to do our part in conservation of trees. Opting for paperless scheduling system like a software can definitely help in reducing the amount of paper your business uses. Marking your workplace as a “green” environment can also instil a sense of pride in your employees, and happy employees, happy employers, right?