Employee Happiness and Productivity

When I think about Mondays, the first thing that comes to mind is stress. It’s not because Mondays are inherently awful, but rather because everyone seems to associate Mondays with stress. Mondays are associated with all sorts of unproductive feelings: disengaged, lethargic, and I-just-want-to-go-home-and-pretend-this-is-the-weekend. Just the word “Monday” brings up all sorts of negative emotions, and it’s almost become the norm: that’s just how Mondays are; “it’s Monday” often seems like an acceptable and completely valid excuse.

But in this study, Mondays turned out to be not so horrible. It actually has more to do with how engaged the employees are in their workplace — simply put, if people like their jobs, they were less prone to experiencing “blue Mondays.”

On top of that, while people who were engaged in their work remained positive and retained relatively low stress level from Monday to Friday, those who were not reported rising levels of worries and stress. From the employee’s point of view, dissatisfaction with their work can lead to depression and anxiety; from the employer’s point of view, productivity level sinks as employee happiness sinks.

Think about your workplace as an ecosystem: everyone needs to have their needs met for the entire system to work. Happy employees = productive workplace = happy employer!