How You Can Unlock the Goldmine of Data Hiding in Your Business

Unlock your restaurant’s potential: Lost data is lost opportunity

Optimization is crucial for any good business, and restaurants are no different. Focusing on things like increasing efficiency and growing revenues per customer is what makes a great restaurant a winning business, and you can’t do that if you don’t measure your performance.

Reduced Credit Card Fees To Save $400 Million for Canadian Restaurants

Canada’s two largest credit card networks Visa and Mastercard announced a reduction in transaction fees for merchants Tuesday, committing to an average effective rate of 1.50% for the next five years. The reduction will be in place by April 2015, and is expected to save almost $400 Million annually for merchants across Canada.

7 New Technologies To Improve Small and Midsized Business Productivity

We all know the struggles small and midsized businesses (SMB) face in today’s highly competitive economy. Too many SMBs fail early on in the game, unable to make it past the breakeven point. However, one of the benefits of our technology-obsessed society is the ways in which it can be leveraged to actually aid SMBs to get on their feet or to soar when they’re already established enough to walk on their own.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Technology

More and more companies are switching from paper-based to cloud-based technologies. As has been proven over and again, the ease and convenience of cloud technologies can quickly override any costs associated with switching. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should consider transferring your business operations into the cloud:

How to Put Your Bar on the Map

Running a bar is more than just running a business. It’s running a business while dealing with constant and direct competition on all sides and constantly shifting trends, crowds and demands. But some bars still manage to be packed every night of the week (even Sundays!). How do they do that? And how can you jump on that bandwagon? Here are some tips for getting your bar on the social map no matter what day of the week it is.

3 Ways That Apartment 200 Owns the "House Party" Vibe

Once upon a time, St. Laurent Street used to be the place to be on any given weekend night in Montreal. But alas, times had changed, and Montreal nightlife had gotten too overrated and overpopulated with under-agers or out-of-towners. Just when we were all about to give up hope on finding any place worthwhile to go on St. Laurent Street and admit Montreal nightlife had become second-tier, we were mellowed by a breath of innovation in the air. Seemingly out of nowhere and overnight, Suwu and then Apartment 200, one after another, popped up on the scene. And any good Montrealer knows how that changed the game.

Employee Happiness and Productivity

When I think about Mondays, the first thing that comes to mind is stress. It’s not because Mondays are inherently awful, but rather because everyone seems to associate Mondays with stress. Mondays are associated with all sorts of unproductive feelings: disengaged, lethargic, and I-just-want-to-go-home-and-pretend-this-is-the-weekend. Just the word “Monday” brings up all sorts of negative emotions, and it’s almost become the norm: that’s just how Mondays are; “it’s Monday” often seems like an acceptable and completely valid excuse.